Saint Margaret Bourgeoys

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Saint Margaret Bourgeoys

January 12
Saint Margaret Bourgeoys
Founder of the sisters congregation
From Notre-Dame ( 1700)

Born in troyes on 17 April 1620, Marguerite was the sixth of a family of twelve children. She was 19 years old when her mother died, a year later she was touched by grace during a procession in honor of our lady of the rosary and joined the external congregation of troyes. In 1642 she learned the foundation of ville-Marie (Montreal) in Canada and felt the desire for a missionary life, a few years later the virgin herself appeared and said "go, I will not abandon you". She left for Montreal in 1653 and became the soul of the colony, she began by building a chapel dedicated to our lady of good rescue and opened the first school. Thereafter it will base an external congregation to improve the religious education of women and girls. Gradually, a school and social action system that extends to the whole country, its works will be worth the co-founder of the church of Canada. After seeking reinforcements in France, the congregation of our lady received the approval of its religious constitutions in 1698. The foundation completed, sister Marguerite died on 12 January 1700 leaving 40 nuns to continue her work. Currently the congregation Notre Dame has over 2.600 sisters, Marguerite Bourgeoys was béatifiée in 1950 by PIUS XII and canonisée in 1982 by John Paul II.
Marguerite Bourgeoys Cultural Centre (Diocese of troyes)
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Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700) Founder of the sisters of the congregation of Notre Dame. (Vatican site)
The sisters of the congregation of Notre-Dame were founded in Montreal Canada in the th century by a Trojan, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys. (site of the diocese of troyes)
Audacious Pioneer, Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700), co-founder of Montreal, founder of the congregation of Notre-Dame, canonisée on 31 October 1982. (Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys - Diocese of edmundston)
In Montreal in Quebec, in 1700, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, a virgin, who helped the settlers and soldiers in all ways, and took great care of the Christian education of young girls, for which she founded the congregation of the sisters of our - Lady.

Without stopping the colour of the skin or the racial and social origins of the small Indians, she had the same love as the children of the settlers. Later, Marguerite will have daughters of iroquois among her nuns.

PIUS XII, at-1950

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